Still here…

Yup, still here and still have valerie.wordpress… despite the many, many attempts by people to log in as me. :P
I often think I’d like to do something with this, but I don’t do enough with my domain name as it is… One of these days…

Leave a message for Baby!

Some of you will remember how we did this for E-boy before he was born. I still have those entries, they’re printed and in his baby book. So now #2 is coming and we’d like for you to do the same, if you would! Simply leave a comment here with at least your name and leave a message for Baby Girl Holifield’s baby book. Baby is due June 26, 2009. Baby will probably be here the week of May 18, if not before. She arrived April 10, 2009.

Say what you want, it can be just a “welcome to the world” message, or words of advice, etc. Whatever you say, it’s special to us and we appreciate it very much!

Thank you all!

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